Recognition Mobility Achievements

Recognition Mobility Achievements

Baku Eurasian University promotes and recognizes the participation of its staff and students in European and International cooperation projects by enhancing international cooperation with estimated institutions and by supporting educational and formative exchanges ensuring that its cooperation leads to sustainable and balanced outcomes for all partners.

Student mobility: After having completed their Erasmus study period abroad, the students must submit to the international Relations Department all the required documents. 

The Transcript of Records, the Learning Agreement, the Supervisor’s Report and the Recognition Agreement (where all parts agree on the subjects to be recognized after a successful Erasmus study period abroad) forms the basis of the proof recognition letter.

All academic activities indicated in the learning agreement and satisfactorily completed by the mobile students are counted towards the degree and as a result students are exempted from equivalent study requirements in order to graduate.

Staff mobility: The International Relations Department supports administratively every action concerning the Staff Mobility by providing the necessary information about the possible teaching or training activities. Their participation in International Meetings is rewarded and enumerated in the process of their development and designation of their achievements. The gained experience and the academic outcomes are recorded.